Establishment of local fire action plans

Prevention is the most important “weapon” for dealing with fires effectively, especially in the new conditions created by the climate crisis. Having as its strategic priority the protection of the environment, Bodossaki Foundation supports the work of WWF Greece by funding the design of forest fire action plans that focus on the proper and timely organisation of fire prevention activities at local level. WWF develops the specifications that forest fire action plans should meet, together with a practical guide to their implementation. It then organises the training of relevant staff from local government (in cooperation with the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece – KEDE) and from the other stakeholders involved.

WWF Greece

As an organisation, WWF Greece is aligned with the core objectives and values that govern the operation of the global WWF network. It also defines the priorities of its strategy based on the needs to protect nature that exist in Greece. WWF Greece’s mission is to stop the degradation of the natural environment, protect biodiversity, ensure the sustainable use of renewable natural resources and promote the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.