Supporting Water Salvation in the prevention of accidents at sea

Acknowledging the importance of the prevention of accidents at sea, Bodossaki Foundation assists the work of “Water Salvation” to enhancing the bathers’ sense of safety, offering 160 “Catch a breath” resting floats. The float is a protective equipment specially designed for sea waves, with non-slip handles that make it easier for bathers to rest or call for help. It is essentially a piece of personal protective equipment for use at sea. The 160 floats were placed in 14 areas, including the municipalities of Kalamata, Syros island and Limnos island.

In their own words:

“In a summer blizzard of wind, a mother and her 4-year-old child held on to the float until the lifeguard arrived and helped them get safely back to the shore.”

Stelios Tsalikis, Panhellenic Lifeguard School

“The ‘Catch a Breath’ resting floats have truly upgraded the safety of bathers on the beaches of Nea Madytos and Romeikos Gialos in the island of Limnos.”

Nikolaos Moschakis, Deputy Mayor of Limnos Municipality

Water Salvation and more

The non-profit civil law partnership “Water Salvation and more” was founded in October 2017, with the aim to address the Greece’s serious public health problem of injuries in the water, which ranks it high in the list of European countries in terms of accidents at sea. The purpose of “Water Salvation and more” is to reduce drowning incidents and enhance the safety of bathers in the country’s coastal areas. The importance of prevention and timely decision-making is its immediate priority. To achieve this goal, it utilises the technical infrastructure and the human resources, experience and knowledge of its contracting members, collaborates with Municipalities and competent Bodies, supports efforts and actions aimed at the prevention of accidents at sea, and organises information and public awareness actions.