Supporting the operation of the National Garden

For all of us, the National Garden has been the ideal place for a break from everyday life or for a walk among the lush vegetation. Bodossaki Foundation helps this green heart in the centre of Athens to keep beating, and supports the operation of the National Garden by covering part of its operating expenses, as well as the recording of 440 selected trees. One of the most significant features of the National Garden is its biodiversity, with trees being the most important organisms in this unique ecosystem.

In their own words:

“With the grant from Bodossaki Foundation, we were able to assess in detail the condition of 440 selected trees of the National Garden. Our collaboration with the specialist team of Italian tree growers has contributed decisively to the transfer of know-how and has strengthened our knowledge about modern methods of tree management in urban areas.”

Dimitris Kyriakakis – Katerina Agorastou, City of Athens Department of Green Areas

National Garden - Athens Municipality

The National Garden is the first organised green area of Modern Greece, and has been characterized as a Historical site. It was created as an extension to the countryside of the palace of King Othon and Queen Amalia.

Works for its landscaping were launched in 1839-1840 with the planting of 15,000 ornamental plants, transported from Milan. Plants were then transported from European and North African countries. Many native plants from various parts of Greece were also planted. It covers an area of 154,000 square metres.

The National Garden belongs to the Division of Green Areas and Urban Fauna of the City of Athens, which was granted use of the National Garden for 90 years by a concession agreement. Within this Division, the aim of the National Garden Department is to better organise, manage, maintain and improve the greenery, the facilities and the infrastructure of the National Garden, as well as to guard and protect it in general.