Support for the ‘Youth4Boccia’ programme for improving the mental and physical health of adolescents and young disabled people through participation in sport

The ‘Youth4Boccia’ programme aims to introduce young disabled people under 21 years of age to sporting activities, specifically through the sport of Boccia, which is designed for people with severe mobility problems.

One of the main problems faced by young people with disabilities is seclusion and isolation. This is even more pronounced among young people with severe mobility issues who are wheelchair users.

The programme aims to encourage young people to take part in sport in order to overcome isolation and the consequent problems with physical and mental health.

The Bodossaki Foundation supports the sports club ‘Tirteos’ for People with Disabilities and covers the costs of the purchasing necessary equipment for the Boccia team.

Sports club ‘Tirteos’ for People with Disabilities

The sports club ‘Tirteos’ for People with Disabilities was founded in Ilion in 2005 by teachers and friends of people with disabilities and seeks to promote sports and cultural activities for young disabled people.