Protection of forest ecosystems in Northern Pindos

“Pindos Environmental” seeks to protect and the environment and raise public awareness of it in the region of Northern Pindos.

In this context, it has developed a monitoring programme for forest ecosystems in the area, with the aim of preventing and avoiding forest fires during the summer season, and assisting in their suppression (if necessary). The organisation, in collaboration with the Civil Protection Service of the Region of Epirus, the Fire Service and the Administration of the National Park of Northern Pindos, covers the forest area between the “Morfa” and “Koukourountzou” mountain peaks, being responsible for operating and staffing with volunteers a very important fire lookout station. Surveillance of the forest area is also supported by air, using a drone that sends photos and data which are then processed by the base team.

Bodossaki Foundation covered the cost of purchasing aerial surveillance means for protecting the environment, one of its four strategic pillars.

In their own words:

“We would like to thank Bodossaki Foundation for its trust in our work and its genuine support.”

“Pindos Environmental” employee

“Pindos Environmental”

“Pindos Environmental” is a civil, non-profit company based in Ioannina. It is active in the wider area of Pindos for the study, management and protection of the natural and man-made environment. It was established in 1999.

The ideological starting point of the organization is the sense of the debt owed regarding the conservation of biodiversity on the planet and the conscious struggle against actions that degrade nature and the quality of human life. “Pindos Environmental” operates locally, seeking to preserve the enormous biological wealth of the Pindos region and ensure its rational management, as well as to upgrade culture as an integral part of this region, while highlighting the quality of life of its inhabitants.