Supporting the 2022 Video-recorded Experiments Competition

The Panhellenic Association of Natural Sciences Laboratory Coordinators (PANEKFE) organised the “Video-recorded Experiments Competition”, in which 71 schools from all over Greece took part with a total of 460 students and 107 educators. Bodossaki Foundation, whose donations and initiatives seek to modernise education, supported this action.

In 2022, PANEKFE decided to hold the Panhellenic Experiments Competition online, with all participating teams preparing an experiment and recording it on video. At the end of the school year, Natural Sciences Laboratories which are also members of the Panhellenic Network of Schools, evaluated the videos and presented three awards to the top three teams and their schools.

The teams created 121 video-recorded experiments in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, which are available on PANEKFE’s YouTube channel. The students of the three schools that won the awards received 12 tablets and the schools themselves (General Upper Secondary Schools) were presented with 3 electrostatic generators, secured by PANEKFE with a donation from Bodossaki Foundation.


The Panhellenic Union of Natural Sciences Laboratory Coordinators (PANEKFE) is a scientific association whose purpose is to promote the experiment-based teaching of natural sciences in Primary and Secondary Education. For the last 15 years, it has been organising for Greece the Panhellenic Experiments Competition, through which the country participates in the European Olympiad of Experimental Science (EOES, formerly the European Union Science Olympiad – EUSO), which is the only international Experiments Competition.