Support of operation

“Nosilia” (“Hospitalization”) contributes to the relief of human pain by providing, free of charge, home-based hospitalisation and health care services to patients with chronic diseases (cancer, stroke, dementia, etc.) and elderly people with motor impairments and socio-economic difficulties. In doing so, it seeks to improve the quality of life of chronic patients and their families. Bodossaki Foundation supports the work of the organisation by covering part of its operating expenses.

In their own words:

“I would like to warmly thank ‘Nosilia’ for the great assistance it offered to my mother, for its professionalism, consistency, care and genuine interest it showed during all the time she needed it the most. I really wish ‘Nosilia’ to be able to continue its valuable social work.”

Ι. Dimakopoulos, relative of a ‘Nosilia’ beneficiary

“Nosilia” organisation

Operating since 2001 in the wider Athens area, “Nosilia” is a certified, non-profit organisation that provides, free of charge, home-based hospitalisation services to sick people. Each year, its activity benefits more than 2,000 patients and families and has received an award by the President of the Republic. Its main interdisciplinary team consists of doctors and nurses, while it also works with psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists and other disciplines, as well as with volunteers.

“Nosilia” provides its services to people with chronic diseases (cancer, stroke, dementia, etc.) who belong to vulnerable social groups and have difficulty moving (either due to illness or age), and also offers support to their families. It offers, free of charge, long-term services, providing comprehensive care (physical and mental health). It also supports lonely patients who are in the hospital and educates their carers at home. Finally, it provides telephone guidance and supplies free nursing supplies and orthopaedic articles from its Social Warehouse.