Environmental Studies in the framework of the Northern Evia Reconstruction Plan

The major disasters from the 2021 wildfires in Northern Evia call for a radical reform the current model of spatial organization. The necessary holistic approach goes through urban planning.

In this light, it is considered necessary to carry out two separate studies on the Special Urban Plans of the Municipalities of Istiea-Edipsos and Mantoudi-Limni-Agia Anna. “Diazoma” undertook to carry out the studies, while Bodossaki Foundation covered the cost of their implementation, whose ultimate goal is to protect the environment, one of the Foundation’s four strategic pillars.

“Diazoma” Civil Non-Profit Company

Using the results made available thanks to the synergies between all the stakeholders involved, as well as the possibilities offered by the new European funding programmes and tools (such as Integrated Territorial Investment, Sustainable Urban Development, etc.), “Diazoma” contributes to the implementation of innovative and holistic programmes focusing on sustainability and sustainable development.