Reconfiguration of the CT room and purchase of equipment for the installation of a CT scanner

Responding to a request made by the Molaoi Nursing Unit (Molaoi N.U.), Bodossaki Foundation covers the cost of reconfiguring the room in which the Unit’s CT scanner will be placed. The operation of the CT scanner will upgrade the services provided by the Molaoi N.U. in terms of both quality and quantity, giving to the medical and nursing staff the opportunity to conduct new examinations, as well as the ability to treat more cases.

Molaoi Nursing Unit

The Molaoi Nursing Unit was founded in 1966 and its purpose is to provide primary and secondary health care services to all citizens on an equal basis, to develop and promote medical specialisation and continuous training programmes for physicians, as well as training programmes for officials from other health sectors, in accordance with the decisions in force each time. The Molaoi Nursing Unit already offers a Pathology specialisation programme for physicians, and internships for nursing staff health professionals who are secondary and tertiary education (Vocational Upper Secondary Schools – EPAL, Vocational Training Institutes – IEK, Technological Educational Institutes – TEII, and the Department of Nursing pf the University of Peloponnese).