Supporting the operation of the NGO “Mission ANTHROPOS”

The NGO “Mission ANTHROPOS” provides medical services to individuals or populations in need. In 2020, with its programme “We support – Medical care for all”, it offered personalised coverage of medical needs to children and adults, while its programme “WOMENTORS: Empowering Young Women” promoted the empowerment of young women, by means of training and capacity building activities for their increased engagement and participation in decision-making. In addition, “Mission ANTHROPOS” implemented the programme “We offer – Smiles to Children”, which offered preventive dental checks and dental treatments to 500 children of vulnerable groups, as well as the initiative “We care – For the Elderly”, offering medical supplies for the protection of the elderly and their carers in Nursing Homes. Bodossaki Foundation acknowledges the important contribution of the organization and supports its activity by helping cover its operating expenses.

In their own words:

“I am 16 years old and I had never visited a dentist before…The only thing I knew for brushing my teeth was the toothpaste.”

Beneficiary of the initiative “We offer – Smiles to Children”.

“It’s so nice to feel that you love us and you are there for us.”

Elderly beneficiary of the initiative “Protecting Grandma and Grandpa”



“Mission ANTHROPOS” is a civil law non-profit partnership pursuing a public benefit purpose, providing free-of-charge medical assistance in Greece and abroad. It organises, finances and supports the provision of medical services focusing on diagnosis and treatment, the supply of medical equipment and the provision of related training, and the provision of public health infrastructure. It also provides assistance to populations in need –mainly in developing countries, but also in Greece–, vulnerable social groups, economic migrants and refugees, asylum seekers, and unaccompanied minors or other persons with limited access to free-of-charge healthcare. Finally, it contributes to the training of medical, nursing and paramedical staff and to the provision of information on health issues to the general population and to vulnerable groups within it, supporting their empowerment.