Empowering parents and carers of children with chronic diseases

The project “Empowering Parents and Carers of Children with Chronic Diseases” was designed to help improve the holistic care of children with a life-threatening illness and of their families at home, and to promote their quality of life. Bodossaki Foundation contributes to the project’s implementation by offering audio-visual and educational material addressed to parents and carers of children with a life-threatening illness, as well as to health professionals from all over Greece.

The material focuses on recognizing, evaluating and properly managing symptoms such as pain, in the daily care of the child at home, in the communications about the disease and the threat of death, in supporting all family members and, finally, in the guidelines for preventing and addressing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Merimna Civil Non-profit Company – Caring for children and families experiencing illness and death

“Merimna” offers substantial and practical support and comfort to children in need during the difficult times of bereavement and life-threatening illness.


The company has the following goals:


(a) To provide free of quality care services to a child grieving the loss of a loved one or to a child suffering from a life-threatening illness, in conjunction with supporting the child’s family members.

(b) To provide mental health professionals and educators with specialised training, supervision and continuing education in supporting children experiencing illness, loss or death, as well as to train health in paediatric palliative care.

(c) To raise the awareness in Greek society of matters relating to life, serious illness and death and to build relevant support communities.

(d) To conduct research into the impact of serious illness and death on the lives of children and their families.