Provision of food supplies for the Christmas and New Year holidays to the Ladies Union of Drama

The Christmas and New Year season is synonymous with love and the festive holiday table. Bodossaki Foundation secures the necessary food supplies for the holiday season for approximately families, in collaboration with the Ladies Union of Drama.

In their own words:

“Santa Claus comes once a year, but to me he comes every month.”

Mrs Mary, Ladies Union of Drama beneficiary

“No words can describe the good that you do…”

Ladies Union of Drama beneficiary


Ladies Union of Drama

The Ladies Union of Drama is active in the provision of social and humanitarian work to support citizens, especially aim vulnerable social groups, and to contribute to the efforts to tackle the humanitarian and social crisis.

It is a charitable, educational and cultural organisation whose work seeks to develop solidarity, combat gender violence, xenophobia and racism, raise public awareness of the issues of gender equality, equality before the law, and human rand democratic rights. It supports the most deprived citizens and, in general, promotes the development of its members, especially women, in education, vocational training and social justice.

The Union also aims to take advantage of EU programmes of a social nature, to set up similar structures and to carry out corresponding actions in the fields of social welfare, public health and social care, also engaging the civil society in these areas through events and various forms of information dissemination.