Empowerment and integration of refugee and migrant women

The non-profit civil law partnership “Journalism Initiative” helps beneficiary women refugees and migrants of the “Melissa” network freely express their thoughts and needs, enabling them to articulate their personal stories, just as they consider them to be authentic. This approach is based on planning and co-creation methodologies, in collaboration with “inside story” journalists. Bodossaki Foundation supports this activity of the “Initiative for Journalism” by covering the programme’s implementation costs.

In their own words:

“The meetings gave us the opportunity to learn about the work of a very important and active team of people and the constructive dialogue will certainly affect us in our later professional development and beyond.”

Eleftheria Tsaliki, Journalist


Journalism Initiative

“Journalism Initiative” was established in July 2018 with the following goals:

To defend the freedom of the press and the right of society to unhindered and diverse access to information.

To promote investigative journalism for the common hood, in topics critical for the country that are not adequately covered for various reasons but are of direct interest to society, and are thus necessary in order to ensure informed public opinion-making.

To hold capacity building activities for journalists, with a focus on modern forms of practicing journalism, know-how, the transmission and dissemination of experience, and the use of all available means to promote innovative solutions and practices.

To educate the public and other news media stakeholders in the mechanisms of news production, in order to foster critical reading, increase trust in the news media and improve their effectiveness.