Supporting the new Supported Living Home in Vrilissia

“Every person is unique and this uniqueness must be treated with respect.” This is the core belief that governs all those employed at the “ESTIA” Social Care Centre for People with Mental Disability. Bodossaki Foundation assists the Centre’s activities by supporting the operation of its New Supported Living Home in Vrilissia.

In their own words:

“Our heartfelt thanks to Bodossaki Foundation, whose deeds bridge the equality gap and contribute to a society of equal opportunities for people with or without a disability.”

Efi Prokopaki, Chair of the Board of Directors

“At a difficult time for all of us, we are glad to be able to share moments of solidarity and social sensitivity. Bodossaki Foundation stands by ESTIA and helps it cover its needs, actively supporting its effort to ensure decent living conditions for people with mental disability.”

Chryssa Nini, Psychologist

ESTIA Social Centre for Persons with Mental Disability

Established as an Association, the “ESTIA” Social Centre for Persons with Mental Disability began its operation in 1981. Its purpose is to provide lifelong free-of-charge care and special treatment and/or other necessary raising, education, social adjustment, vocational guidance, vocational pre-training and training, socio-economic integration, and employment of people with mental disability or another similar disability. For a person to qualify as mentally disabled, a diagnosis is required by a competent body, while his/her integration into the Centre and its activities requires an examination by an Interdisciplinary Committee which consists of specialists (psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker and occupational therapist) and is set up by the Association’s Board of Directors.