Donation of Sani Resort / Ikos Resorts for the ‘Thought for Food’ Agrifood Education programme

The ‘Thought for Food’ programme organised by the American Farm School with the support of the Sani Resort / Ikos Resorts Group, and administered by the Bodossaki Foundation, had as its goal the education of Halkidiki farmers in agrifood systems.

Four producers participated in the one-year Agrifood Training programme. They were given the opportunity to attend personalised trainings and learn about the latest developments in their production sectors (cultivation and production of olives, tsipouro, honey and livestock products). The programme offered an overview – given by the American Farm School – of the production processes of the participating producers, the organisation of their businesses and suggestions for further improvement.

The participants were also instructed in the basic principles of organising an agritourism unit, along with techniques for promoting and selling their products in the local tourist market, directly from the place of production. They were also taught ways to harmonise their production with environmentally friendly production methods such as the application of biostimulants, which serve gradually to wean them off the use of chemical applications.

An important part of the programme involved the installation of sensors, antennas and systems for transmitting soil and weather data in the participants’ buildings and fields. As a result they were given real-time access to very useful data and information about their buildings and fields through the use of smart devices. These modern technological systems enable producers to make informed decisions based on significant factors linked with weather and soil. They also ensure optimal use of natural resources (e.g. water, plant protection products and fertilizers) and the reduction of the environmental footprint of each crop.

As the programme was implemented successfully, the aim now is to carry out other equivalent initiatives which will contribute to the empowerment of local producers engaged in selling traditional foods to visitors to their region.

Sani Resort / Ikos Resorts