Design Thinking and Circular Economy in Vocational Education and Training

The Bodossaki Foundation supports the programme ‘Circular Thinking – Applying Design Thinking and the Circular Economy in Vocational Education and Training,’ which is implemented by SciCo (Science Communication) in collaboration with the Complex Systems & Service Design Laboratory of the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering at the University of the Aegean.

The programme aims to upgrade the educational process and improve skill acquisition in Vocational High Schools (EPAL) and Higher Vocational Training Schools (SAEK). The materials created are based on the ‘Design Thinking’ problem-solving methodology and are accompanied by the appropriate equipment.

Key objectives include improving students’ cognitive and learning processes, developing problem-solving skills, aligning education with society and work, and cultivating environmental awareness to ensure the optimal use of limited resources. The programme is implemented nationwide, with priority given to remote areas that typically lack training opportunities.


SciCo (Science Communication) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to making scientific topics accessible to the public through innovative, interactive, and entertaining activities. Founded in 2008, SciCo comprises scientists, academics, educators, artists, and individuals interested in science. Through numerous activities with significant social impact, SciCo operates as a social enterprise, having reached over 400,000 citizens across Greece. Its activities extend even beyond the Greek borders, since it has participated in numerous European programmes, implementing some of its projects internationally.