Purchase and installation of hardware and software for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis

The Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Centre (CICC) of the Department of Immunology at the “Aghios Savvas” Hospital participates in research for the discovery of new biomarkers, which will be able to provide information on the rapid or slow progression of cancer disease, thus guiding the treating oncologist in the selection of appropriate therapies with clearly better clinical results. Moreover, these biomarkers can provide advance information about which of the patients will respond positively to the treatment to be administered to them. The discovery of these new biomarkers requires modern next generation sequencing (NGS) analysers. Bodossaki Foundation contributes to the CICCS’s work by funding the purchase of the necessary software for the proper operation of this equipment. In this way, medical staff will be able to process the results obtained from the analyses and will contribute to the design of biomarkers with an important prognostic and predictive role for gynaecological cancers, as well as for prostate and lung cancers.

“Aghios Savvas” Anticancer and Oncological Hospital of Athens

The “Aghios Savvas” Anticancer and Oncological Hospital of is a Greek nursing branch of the Hellenic Cancer Institute, a public benefit, charitable and scientific non-profit institution, established by decision of the general assembly of the members of the charitable association “Christian Social Union” on 20 March 1935.