The internships programme began in 2009 as a joint initiative between the Bodossaki Foundation and the Belgian embassy in Athens.

The program aims to support young people up to 32 years of age, who hold a postgraduate degree, through providing them with a further asset before they enter the job market. Participants are able to apply in practice what they have learned during the course of their university studies and to gain valuable professional experience in an international environment.

Due to large demand for this programme, the Foundation’s board of trustees has decided to expand it to other European countries including Germany, Luxembourg,  Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and France.

The Foundation, in cooperation with the embassy of the country in which the internship will take place, announces the funding of placements. The funding lasts for a period of six months and is intended to cover the cost of housing and daily expenses. The cost of a return airplane ticket is also covered.

This programme has an employment retention percentage of nearly 90 % for its participants.