Experiential Workshop – Old Age and Digital Transactions

The project “Experiential Workshop: Old Age & Digital Transactions” was designed by the Union of Working Consumers of Greece in order to immediately improve the quality of life of the elderly and to contribute to the protection of their income and property. Bodossaki Foundation, seeking to promote the development of a strong and independent Civil Society, supports the activity of the Union of Working Consumers of Greece.

The project consists of eight two-day experiential workshops whose purpose is to familiarize elderly people with the use of financial products, services and processes. The participants in the experiential workshops will be trained in the requisite basic digital skills and will acquire the knowledge and skills to carry out on their own online banking transactions and online purchases. The project is implemented in six Greek cities: Athens, Lamia, Larissa, Nafpaktos, Katerini and Verοia.

Union of Working Consumers of Greece

The Union of Greek Working Consumers (EEKE) is an initiative of the country’s trade union officials and its purpose is to contribute to the improvement of consumers’ living standards and quality of life. The principles governing the activities of the Union of Working Consumers of Greece are participation, access to information, choice, and intervention.