Donation by Bodossaki Foundation to the City of Athens in support of the city’s disinfection operations

The donation is intended as a contribution to the efforts to protect public health

Bodossaki Foundation, recognizing that in the current unprecedented circumstances disinfection is of paramount importance for protecting public health, undertakes to cover the cost of materials for the disinfection operations of the City of Athens during the coming two critical weeks in all seven (7) city districts, fully relieving the City of Athens of the corresponding expenditure. The city’s disinfection operations, carried out all day long by the entire fleet of vehicles and all employees of the City of Athens Cleaning Department, require 8,000 litres of disinfectant per day, in all city districts.

Disinfection is performed in accordance with the instructions of the National Public Health Organisation (NPHO) and forms part of the new measures to deal with the coronavirus. In particular, the areas which are disinfected include streets, pavements, pedestrianized areas, squares and other busy city locations, such as the areas around hospitals, metro and train stations, bus stops, churches, public and municipal buildings, and parks.

Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis said about the donation:

“I would like to thank Bodossaki Foundation for proving that individual responsibility is what triggers the collective one. It’s not only about covering the costs of the large-scale disinfection operations that we carry out. It is also about the sense of cohesion, about the message that we can all do something. That in this battle, we are all on the same side and we are all called upon to share the burden, in the manner in which and to the extent to which this is possible for each one of us.”

For Bodossaki Foundation, improving public health has been a strategic priority from its establishment to this day. The Foundation supports actions and takes initiatives aimed at creating equal opportunities for access to healthcare, upgrading the health services offered by public hospitals and supporting research in the field of health.