Bodossaki Foundation came into being in 1972 and works to promote its vision for a society of equal opportunities for all, which enables people to fully realise their potential. Its establishment was the ultimate offering of its founder, Prodromos-Bodossakis Athanassiades – an offering having its roots in the age-long tradition of charity and social solidarity of Anatolian and Diaspora Greeks.

Βodossaki Foundation is recognized as a “public benefit organization”, completely independent from any political, religious or any other institution, operating as an entity that develops and coordinates projects whose aim is to fulfill its vision.

The Foundation’s activities are organised in four strategic priority themes:

  • Promoting education
  • Improving healthcare
  • Protecting the environment
  • Empowering civil society

The key principles that govern the Foundation’s operation are transparency, accountability and credibility.

The Foundation has intimate knowledge of the non-profit public benefit sector in Greece. From its establishment to this day, it has allocated more than €450 million to furthering its causes, focusing on reducing disparities in opportunities, educating young people and supporting socially vulnerable groups of the population.

Bodossaki Foundation draws on its own resources in order to finance its core activities. Yet with a view to further strengthening its impact on society, it also invites private donors, companies (in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility actions) and other Greek and foreign foundations, to join forces and support its initiatives and actions, taking advantage of the implementation, monitoring and accountability mechanisms it has in place. In this respect, the Foundation in the last few years has developed and is pursuing a dynamic fundraising policy and is also active in the management of third-party programmes (re-granting).