This innovative programme is designed with the collaboration with the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, following a donation by AB Vassilopoulos. The programme is designed to introduce new technologies in support of the agricultural sector in Greece, ultimately aiming at the development of intelligent agriculture in our country.

By installing 12 state-of-the-art telemetry devices in selected regions across the country, farmers will have access to accurate, real-time information on critical issues that may affect the actual production, such as the weather, temperature, humidity, unexpected weather phenomena etc. By having real-time, mapped data available to them through their computer or mobile device at any given time, farmers will by able to make informed decisions, based on  important meteorological and soil parameters.

The regions that have been selected for the installation of the 12 telemetry devices are linked to the production of key agricultural products for the local economy and include, for example, vineyards in Peloponnese and northern Greece, olive groves in Kalamata and Halkidiki, kiwi production sites in central Macedonia and grasslands in the north of the country.

More than 100 – 120 farmers are expected to directly benefit from the Smart Farming Initiative, while this number will significantly increase by taking into account the addition of indirect beneficiaries who have access to all data produced through an open-access online platform.

Although this initiative is still in its early stages of implementation, AB Vassilopoulos has already won a gold prize in the latest Super Markets Awards Ceremony.