Across our country, social needs are widespread and pressing. An unbalanced spread of help and resources is witnessed across almost all fields – from social welfare to education, health and the environment. Volunteers in NGOs, social workers, doctors, teachers and other people on the frontline are, in fact, struggling to do their utmost with limited resources. Individuals, corporations or institutions who can help are not always involved – either because they are unsure how best to go about it, or because they are unaware of what is needed in the first place.

To cope with this reality, we work in the principles of the following three-fold approach:

Donor-advised funds : we design programmes of charitable giving for individuals who wish to engage in philanthropy in Greece, who need advice and direction and who do not want to incur the burdens of setting up a charity or a foundation of their own.

Thematic programmes : we work in close partnership with NGOs and active organizations in the field, in order to identify where true social needs are and propose effective and immediate solutions as a response to urgent needs. This is what drives us to design and propose what we call ‘thematic funds’.

CSR-driven programmes : we work with corporate entities which are active in CSR activities to propose tailor-made programs based on their strategy, needs and priorities. We also work to match CSR needs with NGOs that are active in specific fields and can perform well based on the desired outcomes set by corporate entities.

Additionally, our team may undertake the implementation of CSR-driven programmes and provide corporate entities with the full range of monitoring and reporting services, based on desired outcomes.

Setting up a fund

Understanding a donor’s purpose for giving is key to our approach. We work closely with individuals in order to listen and understand the causes that they feel passionate about, the areas of Greece that they love and may wish to help in and what it is that they want to achieve by setting up a fund. We design simple, efficient and flexible funds that take into account donors’ vision. We set specific targets and develop case-specific indicators in order to measure efficiency and to ensure maximum social impact and sustainability.

Implementation and monitoring

Our team monitors funds to ensure that they comply with the principles of good governance. It is responsible for monitoring and controlling all implementation procedures. This involves regular reporting, desk monitoring and field visits to ensure that all progress is within the agreed timeline and budget and it also achieves the expected results. There is constant open communication with donors to ensure transparency and accountability. Support from the legal and financial department of the Bodossaki Foundation is granted in every step.

A percentage of the total amount, in respect to the value of the donation and its type, will be channeled to the Foundation as a donation to serve its purposes.