Bodossaki Foundation, recognising the critical nature of the situation and the need for expressing concrete solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic, has made a number of donations aimed at protecting public health and strengthening the efforts in this area. In particular, the Foundation:

  • Covered the cost of materials for the disinfection operations of the City of Athens for two critical weeks in March, fully relieving the City of Athens of the corresponding expenditure. The city’s disinfection operations were carried out by the entire fleet of vehicles and all employees of the City of Athens Cleaning Department, using 8,000 litres of disinfectant per day, in all city districts. Disinfected areas included streets, pavements, pedestrianized areas, areas around hospitals, metro and train stations, bus stops, churches, public and municipal buildings, and parks.
  • Contributed to the disinfection operations of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, covering the cost of purchasing disinfectant equipment.
  • Donated to Bodossakeio General Hospital of Ptolemaida two portable ventilators, compatible with the National Emergency Aid Centre (EKAV) specifications.
  • Assisted financially the Meropeiοn Charity Foundation, covering the cost of purchasing health supplies for its staff

In addition to its own resources and initiatives to deal with the consequences of the pandemic, Bodossaki Foundation joins forces with companies and other Foundations, with a view to maximising social impact.

In this context, Bodossaki Foundation, with support from The Coca-Cola Foundation, has joined forces with the Coca-Cola system in Greece (Coca-Cola Hellas and Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon) and, together, they supported the National Health System by offering seven (7) new, fully equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Beds and by supplying the reagents for 12,000 coronavirus diagnostic tests. These integrated ICU Beds comprise positive-pressure ventilators, monitors for continuous monitoring of the patient’s vitals, and adjustable electric hospital beds. They also supported the “Help at Home plus” programme of City of Athens, helping cover the needs of thousands of citizens belonging to vulnerable groups, with the offer of necessary goods that were delivered to their homes, as well as with psychological support provided by social workers of the City of Athens. In addition, the “Help at Home plus” programme of the City of Athens was also supported through the Foundation’s partnership with Accenture, which organised a crowdfunding campaign for its employees and their ecosystems’ networks.

For Bodossaki Foundation, improving public health has been a strategic priority from its establishment to this day. The Foundation supports actions and takes initiatives aimed at creating equal opportunities for access to healthcare, upgrading the health services offered by public hospitals and supporting research in the field of health.