The grant-making activities of Bodossaki Foundation promote its vision of a society of equal opportunities and prospects for all, and are structured in line with the Foundation’s four strategic action pillars:

  • Promoting Education
  • Enhancing Healthcare
  • Empowering Civil Society
  • Protecting the Environment


Based on the capture and mapping of social needs it carries out annually, the Foundation decides and establishes the content of its annual grant-making programme to public entities and non-profit organisations based in Greece, in support of activities falling under its strategic action pillars, in the following ways:

  • By making grants available to targeted initiatives which meet the Foundation’s priorities. More specifically, in the education pillar, in addition to its own programmes, Bodossaki Foundation supports, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education the, national effort to reform and upgrade the public technical/vocational education in Greece and, in this context, it will continue to support the country’s schools by providing them with technological equipment. Additionally, in the environment pillar, the Foundation participates in the effort to cope with the crisis brought about by the recent devastating fires, acknowledging the need for long-term action to prevent and address the effects of climate change.
  • Through the Foundation’s “Open Grants Programme”, which accepts throughout the year applications for grants submitted by public entities and non-profit organisations using the Foundation’s custom online platform. Priority is given to applications with a budget of up to €5,000. Details about the procedure for the submission and evaluation of applications for grants are available here.