From 1936 to 1979, when he died at the age of 87, Bodossakis had been living in Psychiko, in a large house on Prigkipissis Elenis Street.

In 1968, together with his wife, they determined by notarial deed that after their death, the ownership of their private residence in Psychiko was to be transferred to the Greek State and that the house was to be used as the residence of the country’s prime minister. Eventually, the house was not used for that purpose and the bequest was amended to reflect this.

In 1985, it was decided that the Board of Directors of the Centre for Public Administration should use as its seat the Bodossaki estate in Psychiko.

In 1992, the building was contributed to the Hellenic Foundation for Culture (HFC), which to this day is housed in the former Bodossakis estate, which covers an area of 2.1 acres and is currently valued at €45,000,000.