Each year, Bodossaki Foundation implements grants that give life to its vision for a society of equal opportunities offering possibilities and prospects for all and are related to its strategic action pillars: supporting education, strengthening healthcare, empowering Civil Society and protecting the environment.

The Foundation decides and establishes the contents of its annual grants programme either by inviting and examining relevant requests submitted via its dedicated platform by non-profit organisations based in Greece, or by mapping social needs itself, following a dialogue with Civil Society organisations and institutional bodies.

For the year 2022, it was decided to devote the budget of the Foundation’s regular grants programme exclusively to promoting education and protecting the environment.

More specifically, in the education pillar, in addition to its own programmes, Bodossaki Foundation will support, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the national reform effort to modernise and upgrade public technical/vocational education in Greece and, in this context, it will continue to support the country’s schools by providing them with technological equipment.

In the environment pillar, it will be actively involved in the efforts to deal with the crisis brought about by the recent devastating fires, recognising the need for long-term action to prevent and address the effects of climate change. The relevant actions of the Foundation in this area will be announced in the coming months.

Given that the budget of the Foundation’s regular grants programme will be allocated in its entirety to the aforementioned needs, the platform for receiving requests for grants is no longer accepting requests during 2021 for implementation in 2022.

Bodossaki Foundation will continue to support Civil Society organisations wishing to further develop the dynamics of their actions through Social Dynamo, offering opportunities for capacity building, learning, professional support and networking. Additional funding opportunities for Civil Society organisations through Bodossaki Foundation are offered by the Active Citizens Fund of the EEA Grants, with Bodossaki Foundation and SolidarityNow acting jointly as Fund Operator for Greece.